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Play online TV content on your computer. Automatically or manually connect to the Internet streaming database and process the signal to display AVI in Xvid or DivX formats. Check out news channels, entertainment, reality shows, commercials, sports, games, etc.

TV Player Classic is a streaming TV channel browser. It is an application that collects the links for various TV channels around the world that stream content over the Internet. It should be noted that this is not an application that will allow you to watch ANY TV channel that you want. All the channels that you can watch with this, you can watch from your web browser.

Having said that, let me tell you how this actually works. In the main window, there is a list of countries. Hitting the "plus" sign next to them, you expand that country and see what channels are available with a little information about them. The information displayed for each channel is a channel name, quality and a brief (mostly non-legible) summary. When you click on a channel, a built-in browser takes you to that channel if the content is web based. Before opening a needed channel, TV Player Classic shows advertisement based on your geographic location.

The channels play well and I had no trouble getting most of them to play. The USA channels are not very well organized, and it was very difficult for me to find most of them.

TV Player Classic can also be used to play video files on your computer and to use a capture device to play video on the small screen. It uses FFMPEG to decode video, so it should support the most popular codecs.

All in all, TV Player Classic is a nice way of accessing TV content from a single location. But continuous ads and the bad channel organization (maybe it could use a more easily accessible search feature?) really hurt this app's chances.

José Fernández
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Review summary


  • It works pretty well
  • Many channels, most of which work


  • There is a search feature, but it is not where you'd want it to be
  • Channels are not very well organized
  • Some channels are not live
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